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Infant Room

Welcome to our Infant Room!


In our classroom, we offer a happy, safe, and secure environment where the children are offered a variety of areas to play in. We love turning on the music during the day to get all of the babies moving.


We encourage lots of tummy time all throughout the day. This is a great time for your baby to strengthen muscles in their body. When we are not working on tummy time, your baby can play in an exersaucer, bouncy seat, practice crawling through a tunnel, or just sit and relax in the comfort of a swing. We focus on the schedule of each individual child and try to make the transition from being at home to our center as smooth as possible.


Every morning we ask all Parents to fill out a “My Day and My Night Sheet”. This lets us know how your child was when they were not at TKC as well as lets us know if they had breakfast or took any medication in the morning.


Every night you will receive a Comment Card. Your child’s teacher will share with you the daily happenings that your child has participated in. This includes diaper changes, naps, feedings, and the fun things we did during the day.


If you have any questions or would like to schedule a tour please feel free to call TKC.

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