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Our main goal at TKC is for each child to be in a fun learning environment. Our classrooms consist of:


In our infant room, we offer a happy, safe, and secure environment where the children are offered a variety of areas of play. Music is being played throughout the day.

We encourage..... read more details

(15 mths-2.9 yrs)*

Our Toddler room is structured yet flexible. We have a daily circle time where the children sing songs, read stories, learn the days of the week, check the weather. Each month.... read more details

(2.9 yrs+)

Our preschool classroom is a structured yet fun environment where children learn to grow and mature through play. Each day children participate in circle time where ..... read more details

Our preschool classroom is designed into different areas. During free play your child is able to choose which area he/she would like to play in.

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The areas include:

* Dramatic area
Here children can really use their imagination, and pretend play with dress up clothes, dolls and a kitchen area.

* Art/Music area
Music is on throughout the day, and the art area is available for the children to draw, trace, stencil, practice their writing skills or just doodle.

* Manipulatives
The children can use their fine motor skills with beading necklaces, lacing, practice patterning skills by using mini megablocks and tanagrams.
* Quiet area
An area full of comfy pillows, books and puzzles to just sit for some down time.

* Train/Lego table
Every child loves to build with legos and to play with trains. They can do both in this area.

* Computers
The children may use the computers at any time throughout the day.

*****The transition
The transition from room to room is not necessarily just based on the age of the child. Each child transitions to the next room only when completely ready socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.

Our outside playground is equipped with safe, age appropriate toys and climbing structures. One side is designated for the children under age of 3, and the other is for children above 3.

For more information, or to schedule a tour of the center please call TKC at (860) 295-0498 or contact us here.

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